The LIHE Bachelor of Business Administration course with Accounting Major provides students with a solid foundation of knowledge and skills to prepare for long-term careers in the accounting industry. This major will develop students’ understanding of the importance and significance of accounting in a professional setting. Students majoring in accounting will gain skills needed to work in a broad range of financial roles, anywhere in the world and is the perfect introduction to entrepreneurship. The curriculum combines business, management, and accounting studies to help graduates emerge as a well-rounded accounting professional ready to solve real business cases and accounting problems in an ethical and socially responsible manner.
The accounting major will equip students with a variety of specialist and more generic ‘soft’ skills, to enable graduates to work and contribute effectively to a range of complex environments. The broader business skills such as organisational behaviour, creativity & innovation for business and management principles will enable graduates to adapt in the ever evolving business environment.

The Bachelor of Business Administration course with Accounting Major students will develop a thorough understanding of accounting principles and their application through instruction from guest speakers with a broad range of business experience. Students will get experience in preparing, evaluating, and analysing financial data. The core units, together with the electives, allow students to develop their analytical, managerial, communication, research and technical skills which are essential for business professionals. With an emphasis on technical and personal skills, this degree can be a passport to any organisation. Graduates will be able to effectively communicate the financial position of an organisation and confidently contribute to business strategy.