Student Support Services

The needs of students and their well-being are essential in Lead Institute of Higher Education’s activities. Therefore, LIHE offers dedicated support to assist students with their needs.

1. New Student Orientation Program

New students will go through LIHE’s New Student Orientation Program that is designed to provide students with an overview of LIHE campus, including the location of classrooms, student areas, and administration areas, as well as important information related to their studies. Enrolled students will receive more information about the orientation program as well as the Student Handbook from the Student Support.

2. English Language Development Support

LIHE recognises its responsibility to ensure all students, including those whose first language is not English, have sufficient English language proficiency. LIHE will facilitate ongoing and timely support for providing academic assistance and helps students develop their communication skills across a wide range of contexts relevant to the discipline using a variety of communicative assessment tasks.

3. Academic Support and Student Consultation

LIHE’s academic staff is available to assist students in their academic endeavours.
Student can take Student Consultation to seek support including clarifying/explaining assessment tasks, units, tutorials, etc.

4. Non-Academic Matters

There are many areas that may affect a student’s ability to progress in their course and meet academic goals. Student consultation and support services include a range of services such as study support services, managing hardship, continuous monitoring, and counselling services.

5. Counselling Services

The Institute offers counselling services to ensure students’ wellbeing. External counselling services will be employed to deal with matters considered to be outside the expertise of the LIHE staff. Appointments will be made for students to see and if required, external counselling service. A list will be kept of counsellors and/or organisations specialising in counselling in a range of fields, to whom referrals could be made.

6. Library and Learning Support

The Learning Management System (LMS) and Managing Student Placements Software (SONIA) will provide access to various learning technologies for both students and staff. These technologies will be appropriately supported to ensure that necessary resources are available to achieve learning and teaching goals. The e-Library can be accessed by staff and students at any time while on the campus or remotely. Security will be maintained by access controls such as unique login and passwords and firewall protective systems.

7. Support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders

Support services are designed to provide tailored assistance to indigenous students which ensures that they have access to educational opportunities and can succeed in their studies. These support services include academic tutoring, mentoring, learning support and cultural support. LIHE aims to provide Indigenous students with a supportive and inclusive learning environment that recognises and respects their culture and background while helping them achieve their educational goals. Please contact the Student Support for more information.

8. Special Entry Support

LIHE may admit students under ‘Special Entry’ to students. All students are informed that eligibility for Special Entry does not constitute a guarantee of a place in a course and, further, any student admitted by Special Entry must satisfy all course
requirements in order to be eligible to graduate as per the Academic Progression and Graduation Policy.

For more information, please see LIHE’s Student Support Services Policy.