The LIHE Bachelor of Business Administration course with Information Systems Major provides students with a solid understanding of information systems concepts and issues. The course fosters the development of strong analytical and critical-thinking skills, to enable graduates to thrive in the increasingly globalised business community. The curriculum combines business, management, and information systems studies to help graduates emerge as a well-rounded Information System (IS) professional ready to solve real business cases and information systems related problems in an ethical and socially responsible manner.

Information Systems have increasing strategic significance in organisations because of the scope of the systems involved, as well as the role they play in enabling processes and strategies to achieve competitive advantage. Students majoring in information systems will gain skills to understand the business context, elicit organisational requirements, and design, develop and manage systems involving business data. This Major provides students with business analysis skills, including those related to data analytics and decision support, and facilitates the development of advanced information systems skills that enable students to advise on organisational information requirements and related strategy.

The goal of the Bachelor of Business Administration course with Information Systems Major is to in the ICT, information systems and associated industries. Specifically, students develop skills in the design, specification, and implementation of information systems in addition to understanding the financial and other resources required to assist organisations to effectively utilise information systems and technologies. Students majoring in information systems can choose from a variety of electives to focus on a particular area of interest